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The Awakening CenterWelcome!

It took courage to admit you need help.  The Awakening Center’s staff are happy you found us!

The Awakening Center is an outpatient private practice of professionals that provides not only diverse competency but also the compassion necessary for you on your road to recovery.  Using a holistic approach, which challenges the problem from all aspects of life, my staff and I help our clients recover their true sense of Self, and learn to honor, eventually to love, the person they were meant to be.  It is our passion to join you on your journey towards greater self-awareness and unique potential.  We will treat you as a partner, guide you to your answers – you are not alone. 
The Awakening center is a warm, welcoming, environmentally-friendly space.  The Awakening Center provides a unique “user friendly” treatment approach that focuses on the individual needs of each client.  We are known for our work with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships and communication and a range of other psychological issues.   Our devotion to the dynamic learning process has impacted the community, through hosting professional conferences, self-help workshops, and outreach programs.   Our positive reputation also includes commitments to healing the earth and our environment by being a ‘Green Company.’  We also believe in the Karma of “paying it forward” by providing affordable fees to underinsured clients and participating regularly in community outreach pro bono.

The Awakening Center has become nationally recognized and respected for providing approaches that focus on the individual as a whole, working to uncover and finally resolve the underlying issues that led to the problem originally.  The result is rediscovering who you are and learning to accept and love yourself again. 

We offer the most up to date and effective modalities in the field of psychotherapy including Counseling from a Holistic Perspective, Psychodynamic and Internal Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive/Behavioral Interventions, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, and Body-centered Psychotherapy.  

Our Integrative and experiential therapies include: Art Therapy, Movement, Bodywork, Mindfulness Meditation, and Yoga Therapy.

We will stay with you through the roughest patches and help you overcome your greatest obstacles.  Our Therapy Team is here to assist you and walk with you through your first steps.

We look forward to working with you!


Amy Grabowski, MA, LCPC & The Awakening Center Treatment Team

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